Posted October 25, 2019

Retail Survival Tips for the Holiday Season

By Grace Tino

Black Friday and Christmas are around the corner. The holidays are notorious for bringing the most sales, as well as the most stress, to retail employees.

If you are a retail employee bracing for the next few months, here are some tips for surviving shifts full of holiday shoppers:

  1. Take your breaks. Don't feel pressured to work through breaks on a busy shift- it's important to rest up and maintain stamina. While taking your break, try to avoid busy areas such as the food court and other seating areas, as you may get swept up in the stress of the shopper crowds.
  2. Bring your own music to listen to. It can truly be hard to listen to "All I Want for Christmas is You" over and over. If you're working a back room and not out interacting with customers, pop in headphones and listen to your own music to give yourself a bit of a break from the same songs.
  3. Dress comfortably. Chances are, you'll be on your feet and running around amidst the chaos to keep up with demanding customers. Wear comfortable footwear so you can focus on your job, and not your tired feet!
  4. Have a nightly routine for relaxation. Come home, make your favorite meal, and watch your favorite show. It's important to find peace and unwind after a long day.
  5. Don't take the bad attitude of a stressed-out customer or boss personally. Sometimes, a customer may be grouchy from a long day of shopping, or a supervisor can be stressed trying to keep the store running smoothly. Remember that the holidays can be hard for others, and something mean they may say isn't necessarily about you.
  6. Find ways to celebrate with your coworkers. Have team potlucks, charity events, and even a holiday party. This provides a nice break from the stress of the holidays and an opportunity to become a stronger team.
  7. Remember what you have to look forward to with the holidays coming up. If you find yourself having a bad day at work, think about the celebrations you have and the good times the holidays will be bringing you to keep up your morale.
  8. Spread holiday cheer. At the end of the day, the holidays are about being kind to one another, and if you truly adopt the spirit, you may even have a little fun at work!

With the right attitude and preparation, the holiday season doesn't always have to be a nightmare as a retail employee. Get into the right mindset and have the best sales of the year!