Posted February 16, 2022

Don't Wait Any Longer - The Time is Now.

By Brittany Firth

It's now been two years since the COVID-19 virus's sudden impact swept the world into rapid change, but bit by bit, we've been picking those pieces up and rebuilding our lives in an entirely new fashion. Approximately 9.6 million people in the U.S. alone were laid off or lost their jobs because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Since then, we've seen a complete reversal of that downward trend as employment growth in the U.S. continues to rise. Many of the same companies who were forced to make layoffs in 2020 are now hiring with heightened intensity. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in January 2022, the retail sector experienced a growth of 61,400 jobs. Yet the demand for workers remains high.

To battle the significant labor shortage across the retail industry, some retailers have boosted pay and benefits to better attract and retain talent. They've also brought about new programs to help better incentivize candidates to return to work amid the pandemic. Furthermore, companies are combating the shortage by hiking up their starting pay. So far, 20 states have seen a jump in wages due to annual cost-of-living adjustments and other planned gains – and by jump, we mean leaped by pennies to a dollar. Another four states will be following suit later this year.

If you were waiting for when companies would start offering the type of work-life balance you needed, wait no more! Seriously, don't wait any longer. Although you're in hot demand as companies compete for top talent, keep in mind that your own competition is quickly filling the best and highest-paying jobs.

Ah, yes. Competition. At times (and depending on where you live), you could be going up against over 100 other people. Now the pressure is on. How will you stand out from the rest and get that coveted job offering the most attractive pay? And for all of you who have been at your current job for a good while now, how are you going to go about moving up that retail ladder?

Don't you worry – we here at have got your back.

Let's first cover landing that new job, which starts at the very beginning: the job search. Identify several jobs you're most interested in, but before you blindly start sending your resume submissions in, take the time to personalize your resumes for each position. For example, if you're applying for several different types of jobs, such as sales, customer service, management, and merchandising, take the time to make sure your resume is targeted towards each position. Highlight any of the skills you'd be bringing to the table that are most important for each role.

Create a save file for each resume type and read through each one to ensure there aren't any spelling mistakes (we've seen way too many people indicate on their resume that they'd make a great "manger" – trust us, it happens more often than you'd think!). If you don't have anyone who can review your resume for you, consider using a free program such as Grammarly to copy and paste your resume into to quickly find any areas that you, or Microsoft Word, may have missed.

There are benefits of concentrating on the job search and sending out targeted resumes to each role first. The most significant benefit is you can then focus on the interview stage. You'll be converting your applications into job offers instead of having to switch gears in your brain from applying to jobs to interviewing and back again. Not only will you remain organized and feel fewer stressors, but you'll also have the best chance to receive multiple offers simultaneously, allowing you to choose which of the positions is best for you. Additionally, you'll be in a much better place to negotiate with potential employers, which is more challenging to do if theirs is the only offer you've got.

What about moving up the corporate ladder? I'm glad you asked. The best way to move up is often to move side to side first. Go the extra mile to learn other jobs, whether they're in different departments or shifting from being a cashier to working on the sales floor. Within a few months, you could find yourself working at the service desk or learning the duties of working within loss prevention. Knowing how to perform several different jobs makes it easier for you to help and better relate to customers and coworkers. Don't hesitate to ask your manager or teammates questions or for help, as it's a terrific way to learn quickly and gain a better understanding of the various duties at hand. By going above and beyond your typical job responsibilities, you'll soon find that you're at the front of the line for that promotion. So do what you do, and then do what you do even better.

Ultimately, the key to retail, and any job for that matter, is finding the best fit. Align your values with the company's mission and genuinely care about the product and what you're doing. When you're working with or selling what you are passionate about, you're more knowledgeable, feel happier, and your customer service skills shine even brighter. This is how you put yourself in a position for advancement within a company.

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"People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” – Simon Sinek