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Corporate Security Officer - 3:00pm-11:00am EST Shift
Coraopolis, PA (USA)
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Company: DICK'S Sporting Goods Contact:
Post Date: 09/22/22 Phone:
Job Type: Full Time Fax:
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The Corporate Security Officer's function is to monitor, respond, and report to all safety and security issues. Corporate Security Officers also complete inspection and testing functions of all security and safety equipment deployed at the SSC

Building Security

  • Ensures the overall security of property and personnel
  • Implements of building security measures
  • Reports physical security and CCTV systems that aren't working properly
  • Responsible for the badge access control including but not limited to: temporary badge processes, visitor processing, deactivation and collection of terminated badges
  • Conducts monthly burglar alarm tests
  • Responds to alarms and dispatched calls; decides what actions to take based on situation, facts known and position limitations.
  • Responsible for completion of reports, tours, and identification of physical security issues
  • Responds to intruders or trespassers                                                                                                                                                
  • Patrols assigned areas on foot, checking for fires, vandalism, suspicious activity or persons or safety/fire hazards
  • Checks doors and windows of buildings to ensure they are tightly closed and locked; notes in written log any unlocked doors/windows; submits information to supervisor.
  • Observes activity and traffic in assigned area to enforce university rules/regulations; alerts visitors of infractions.
  • Escorts people/property to desired destinations
  • Unlocks buildings/doors after checking identification and compliance with company policies                                                                                                                               

Building Safety

  • Conducts monthly Area of Rescue tests, fire extinguisher inspections, and drills
  • Is an active member of the Store Support Center Emergency Response Team
  • Conducts monthly safety walks
  • Immediately responds to identified safety issues and partners with direct supervisor for permanent solutions
  • Assists with Crisis Management functions when needed

Merchandise/Inventory Protection

  • Enforces control of the vendor sample and field test policies
  • Responds to and investigates all instances of internal and external theft
  • Uses CCTV to enhance the investigative process
  • Communicates internal and external theft issues to direct supervisor
  • Proficient in loss prevention tools such as Core, Aspect, LPMS, and Electronic Journal

Customer Service

  • Engages DSG associates and promotes a safe and friendly environment
  • Assists associates with safety needs such as jumpstarts and parking lot escorting
  • Greets visitors and ensures a smooth and pleasant check in process
  • Assists any persons in building or on grounds needing directions or campus information



  • High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • 1-3 years of Physical Security and Safety experience
  • Experience with Access Control, CCTV, PMMS, Guard Tours, Burglar Alarm Panles, Fire Alarm Panels
  • Strong ability to manage multiple tasks
  • Knowledge of CCTV equipment and functions
  • Skill in both verbal and written communication
  • Skill in dealing courteously with public
  • Knowledge of basic security and fire inspection procedures
  • Skill in observing situations and decision making

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