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UX Designer
Coraopolis, PA (USA)
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Company: Dick's Sporting Goods Contact:
Post Date: 06/30/20 Phone:
Job Type: Full Time Fax:
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Applicants who do not provide a portfolio will not be considered for this position.

Welcome to UX design at DICK'S Sporting Goods, where we specialize in delivering retail excellence along every aspect of the user journey! Our technology group focuses on crafting intuitive, easy-to-use products that support the athlete community. We are looking for a new team member who can bring design thinking ideas that inspire, innovate, and deliver elevated experiences for our athletes, teammates and products.


The UX designer is responsible for product design within the technology group, partnering with product managers and software engineers to support, evolve, and innovate within one or more product domains. Products are supported within the following key areas:

* Brick and Mortar * eCommerce * Marketing * Merchandising * Supply Chain

Responsibilities: Our designers support all phases of the product development life cycle. The UX designer is a key contributor to the balanced team formation, where design, product management, and software engineering come together to discover, understand, experiment, iterate, build, measure, and learn! It's a fast-paced environment with high standards for collaboration, evidence gathering, business logic, and innovation. We challenge our team members to aspire to learn and push the limits on what is possible, and we do this with the support of senior mentors and coaching opportunities inside and outside of design.

Our designers are storytellers, weaving together all aspects of the journey to help product team members and stakeholders understand the 'why' behind the experience, setting the stage for solving some of the biggest problems.

Skills We support a variety of products spanning across our business, with design skills ranging from research discovery, visual / UI, systems / architecture, accessibility, data reporting, experimentation, personas / ethnographies, leadership / management, and corporate strategy. If any of these skills apply to your educational background or industry experience, we want to hear from you!

Our approach is user-centered, which means the athlete, teammate, and product is at the center of everything we do and is critical when making decisions that impact human experiences. We're pretty diligent about data, too! You'll find that quantitative and qualitative data both play an important role in the product development process. And we love to build stuff - experimentation is a core part of figuring out what works and what doesn't work!

Our designers are also business thinkers -- understanding the importance of measuring the product impact can be one of the most satisfying parts of the job. We rely on metrics and data reporting to understand satisfaction, reliability, and financial performance.

As part of our initial review, please ensure the following...

You have a digital portfolio that demonstrates your user-centered research and design process

You have a Bachelor's, Master's, or certification in design, technology, or a related field

You have over two years of UX experience

You can put us in contact with two references who can tell us how awesome you are!!



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