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Sales and Marketing Admin. Assistant
Spokane, WA (USA)
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Company: Core-Mark International, Inc. Contact:
Post Date: 08/02/19 Phone:
Job Type: Full Time Fax:
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Discover the power of one and all at Core-Mark

Come join the team that has been empowering customers, investing in people and serving communities for 130 years. The Power of One. Strengthen By All.

Job Details


Clerical Tasks

Sales administrative assistants type, file, handle mail, answer phones, and perform other jobs critical to office operations. They also process orders submitted by sales reps, check orders for accuracy, create shipping labels, print out packing lists, send out invoices, and check credit lines.

Keep Records

Sales involves a large amount of information that needs to be maintained and organized. Sales administrative assistants compile and update physical or digital files on clients, leads, expenses, and sales. They may deliver reports on things such as backlogged items and monitor inventory.

Organize Events

Whether management calls a meeting for all sales reps or arrangements for a trade show need to be made, the sales administrative assistant gathers the appropriate people and attends to the details.

Support Sales Team

The sales administrative assistant serves as the point of contact for sales representatives who are out in the field meeting clients and making sales. The assistant might keep track of each rep's whereabouts, convey information from management, coordinate calendars, and assist with travel arrangements.

Sales Administrative Assistant Skills and Qualifications

Sales administrative assistants interact with a range of people while performing their job, so great interpersonal skills are essential. They should also be outstanding communicators capable of providing clear information in both verbal and written forms. Other factors critical to success include:



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