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H&R Block's purpose is simple: To provide help and inspire confidence in our clients and communities everywhere. We've been true to that purpose since brothers Henry and Richard Bloch founded our company in 1955. Since then, we've grown to have approximately 12,000 offices throughout the United States and around the world.

We are a people company first and a tax company second. People who join H&R Block say it feels like being part of something bigger. A place with an amazing and storied history, but with a strong and urgent focus on the future. Maybe it's how determined, forward thinking and innovative we are, or how accessible our leadership is. We believe it's all those things, and much more.

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Job Title
03/22/19  E-Learning Developer - Seasonal   H&R BLOCK   Kansas City, MO (USA) 
03/21/19  Field Systems Technician - Part-time-Seasonal Erlanger, KY   H&R BLOCK   Erlanger, KY (USA) 
03/21/19  Field Systems Technician - Part-time-Seasonal Longmont, CO   H&R BLOCK   Longmont, CO (USA) 
03/20/19  Payroll Tax Spec - Seasonal   H&R BLOCK   Kansas City, MO (USA) 
03/19/19  Tax Training School Specialist - Seasonal   H&R BLOCK   Kansas City, MO (USA) 
03/19/19  Field Systems Technician - Part-time-Seasonal- Fort Wayne, IN   H&R BLOCK   Fort Wayne, IN (USA) 
03/19/19  Field Systems Technician -Part-time- Seasonal- Portland, OR   H&R BLOCK   Portland, OR (USA) 
03/18/19  Field Systems Technician -Part-time- Seasonal -Valdosta, GA   H&R BLOCK   Valdosta, GA (USA) 
03/18/19  Field Systems Technician - Part-time-Seasonal-Taylor, MI   H&R BLOCK   Taylor, MI (USA) 
03/13/19  Block Advisors Bookkeeper - Seasonal   H&R BLOCK   Saint Louis, MO (USA) 
03/08/19  Payroll Specialist - Seasonal   H&R BLOCK   Kansas City, MO (USA) 
03/08/19  Field Systems Technician -Part-time- Seasonal-Cedar Falls, IA   H&R BLOCK   Cedar Falls, IA (USA) 

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