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In 1970, entrepreneurs David and Barbara Green, along with their young family, began making miniature picture frames in their garage. A few years later, on August 3, 1972, the Green family opened the first Hobby Lobby store with a mere 300 square feet of retail space. Hobby Lobby has not stopped growing since.

Today, Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK, operates over 800 stores across the nation that average 55,000 square feet. Hobby Lobby is an industry leading retailer offering more than 70,000 arts, crafts, hobbies, home decor, Holiday, and seasonal products.

Hobby Lobby is included in Forbes’ annual list of America's largest private companies. While Hobby Lobby continues to grow steadily, the company carries no long-term debt.

We are always looking for experienced retail managers to join our growing family. All of our retail managers learn the ropes by starting at the co-manager position. Promotions to store manager and other senior retail manager positions always come from within the company.
Applications for our co-manager positions are only accepted online at http://careers.hobbylobby.com/current-openings/store-management/. Applications for our non-management retail positions are available at your local Hobby Lobby store.

We believe that it is by God's grace and provision that Hobby Lobby has endured. God has been faithful in the past, and we trust Him for our future. We are committed to:
  • Honoring the Lord in all we do by operating the company in a manner consistent with Biblical principles.
  • Serving our employees and their families by establishing a work environment and company policies that build character, strengthen individuals, and nurture families.

With Hobby Lobby's Super Savings & Super Selection®, we have everything you need to Live a Creative Life!®

Store hours are Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. All Hobby Lobby stores are closed on Sunday.

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Job Title
 #588 Mount Vernon Co-Manager   Hobby Lobby   Mount Vernon, IL (USA) 
07/22/18  Industrial Engineer   Hobby Lobby   Oklahoma City, OK (USA) 
07/22/18  Benefits Specialist   Hobby Lobby   Oklahoma City, OK (USA) 
07/22/18  #121 Dodge City Co-Manager   Hobby Lobby   Dodge City, KS (USA) 
07/22/18  Craft Designer / Stylist   Hobby Lobby   Oklahoma City, OK (USA) 
07/22/18  In-Store Asset Protection Agent   Hobby Lobby   Oklahoma City, OK (USA) 
07/22/18  #672 Salisbury Co-Manager   Hobby Lobby   Salisbury, NC (USA) 
07/22/18  #821 Braintree Retail Co-Manager   Hobby Lobby   Braintree, MA (USA) 
07/21/18  #389 Nicholasville Co-Manager   Hobby Lobby   Nicholasville, KY (USA) 
07/21/18  Construction Superintendent   Hobby Lobby   , NC (USA) 
07/21/18  Co-Manager LI-14   Hobby Lobby   , IL (USA) 
07/21/18  #165 Owensboro Co-Manager   Hobby Lobby   Owensboro, KY (USA) 
07/21/18  Truck Loader - Part Time   Hobby Lobby   Oklahoma City, OK (USA) 
07/21/18  Mardel - Cashier (Garland)   Hobby Lobby   Garland, TX (USA) 
07/21/18  #096 Alexandria Co-Manager   Hobby Lobby   Alexandria, LA (USA) 
07/21/18  Mardel - Assistant Manager (Oklahoma City)   Hobby Lobby   Oklahoma City, OK (USA) 
07/21/18  Construction Superintendent   Hobby Lobby   , PA (USA) 
07/21/18  Mardel - Seasonal Shipping Clerk   Hobby Lobby   Oklahoma City, OK (USA) 
07/21/18  #017 Littleton Co-Manager (Mardel)   Hobby Lobby   Littleton, CO (USA) 
07/21/18  Social Media Set Stylist / Crafter   Hobby Lobby   Oklahoma City, OK (USA) 
07/20/18  #413 Liverpool Co-Manager   Hobby Lobby   Liverpool, NY (USA) 
07/20/18  Construction Superintendent   Hobby Lobby   , NY (USA) 
07/20/18  #794 Loganville Co-Manager   Hobby Lobby   Loganville, GA (USA) 
07/20/18  #070 Albuquerque Co-Manager   Hobby Lobby   Albuquerque, NM (USA) 
07/20/18  Rack Warehouse Assembler   Hobby Lobby   Oklahoma City, OK (USA) 
07/20/18  Security Guard   Hobby Lobby   Oklahoma City, OK (USA) 
07/19/18  CAD Designer   Hobby Lobby   Oklahoma City, OK (USA) 
07/19/18  #004 Edmond Co-Manager (Mardel)   Hobby Lobby   Edmond, OK (USA) 
07/19/18  #582 Vicksburg Co-Manager   Hobby Lobby   Vicksburg, MS (USA) 
07/19/18  Mardel - Assistant Manager (North Ft. Worth)   Hobby Lobby   Fort Worth, TX (USA) 
07/19/18  Mardel - Department Lead (Colorado Springs)   Hobby Lobby   Colorado Springs, CO (USA) 
07/19/18  Shipping Dock - 2nd Shift   Hobby Lobby   Oklahoma City, OK (USA) 
07/19/18  #232 North Richland Hills Co-Manager   Hobby Lobby   N. Richland Hills, TX (USA) 
07/19/18  #557 Bluefield Co-Manager   Hobby Lobby   Bluefield, WV (USA) 
07/19/18  #501 Laguna Niguel Senior Asst Manager   Hobby Lobby   Laguna Niguel, CA (USA) 
07/19/18  #027 Amarillo Co-Manager (Mardel)   Hobby Lobby   Amarillo, TX (USA) 
07/19/18  #032 Independence Co-Manager (Mardel)   Hobby Lobby   Independence, MO (USA) 
07/19/18  Co-Manager Mardel - LI   Hobby Lobby   , OK (USA) 
07/19/18  Mardel - Cashier (Mesquite)   Hobby Lobby   Mesquite, TX (USA) 
07/18/18  Dispatch Clerk - OKC   Hobby Lobby   Oklahoma City, OK (USA) 
07/18/18  #002 Oklahoma City Co-Manager (Mardel)   Hobby Lobby   Oklahoma City, OK (USA) 
07/18/18  Night Auditor   Hobby Lobby   Oklahoma City, OK (USA) 
07/18/18  Loss Prevention Assistant   Hobby Lobby   Oklahoma City, OK (USA) 
07/18/18  #039 Wichita Falls Co-Manager   Hobby Lobby   Wichita Falls, TX (USA) 
07/18/18  Visual Merchandiser   Hobby Lobby   Cedar Park, TX (USA) 
07/18/18  Stockroom / Sales Consultant - Cedar Park   Hobby Lobby   Cedar Park, TX (USA) 
07/18/18  Cashier / Sales Consultant - Cedar Park   Hobby Lobby   Cedar Park, TX (USA) 
07/18/18  Social Media Coordinator   Hobby Lobby   Oklahoma City, OK (USA) 
07/18/18  #029 Blue Springs Co-Manager   Hobby Lobby   Blue Springs, MO (USA) 
07/18/18  #682 McComb Co-Manager   Hobby Lobby   McComb, MS (USA) 
07/18/18  PT Planning Clerk   Hobby Lobby   Oklahoma City, OK (USA) 
07/17/18  Call Center Analyst   Hobby Lobby   Oklahoma City, OK (USA) 
07/17/18  #021 Denton Co-Manager (Mardel)   Hobby Lobby   Denton, TX (USA) 
07/17/18  #838 Oceanside Senior Asst Manager   Hobby Lobby   Oceanside, CA (USA) 
07/17/18  Textile / Product & Packaging Graphic Designer   Hobby Lobby   Oklahoma City, OK (USA) 
07/17/18  Co-Manager LI-12   Hobby Lobby   , SD (USA) 
07/17/18  Construction Superintendent   Hobby Lobby   , TX (USA) 
07/17/18  #097 Plano Co-Manager   Hobby Lobby   Plano, TX (USA) 
07/17/18  #486 Middletown Co-Manager   Hobby Lobby   Middletown, NY (USA) 
07/17/18  #825 Cypress Senior Asst Manager   Hobby Lobby   Cypress, CA (USA) 
07/17/18  Furniture Repairman   Hobby Lobby   Oklahoma City, OK (USA) 
07/17/18  Co-Manager LI-11   Hobby Lobby   , NV (USA) 
07/17/18  #297 Hoover Retail Co-Manager   Hobby Lobby   Hoover, AL (USA) 
07/17/18  #029 Cedar Park Co-Manager (Mardel)   Hobby Lobby   Cedar Park, TX (USA) 
07/17/18  Project Manager   Hobby Lobby   Oklahoma City, OK (USA) 
07/17/18  Co-Manager LI-25   Hobby Lobby   New York (USA) 
07/17/18  #790 Springfield Retail Co-Manager   Hobby Lobby   Springfield, NJ (USA) 
07/17/18  Mardel - Sales Associate (Frisco)   Hobby Lobby   Frisco, TX (USA) 
07/17/18  #442 Gilbert Co-Manager   Hobby Lobby   Gilbert, AZ (USA) 
07/16/18  Groundskeeping   Hobby Lobby   Oklahoma City, OK (USA) 
07/16/18  Mardel - Assistant Manager (Arlington)   Hobby Lobby   Arlington, TX (USA) 
07/16/18  #833 Eau Claire Co-Manager   Hobby Lobby   Eau Claire, WI (USA) 
07/16/18  Cycle Counter   Hobby Lobby   Oklahoma City, OK (USA) 
07/16/18  Mardel - Sales Associate (South Ft. Worth)   Hobby Lobby   Ft. Worth, TX (USA) 
07/16/18  Mardel - Clerk (Colorado Springs)   Hobby Lobby   Colorado Springs, CO (USA) 
07/16/18  SEM / PPC Specialist   Hobby Lobby   Oklahoma City, OK (USA) 
07/16/18  #491 Roseville Senior Asst Manager   Hobby Lobby   Roseville, CA (USA) 
07/16/18  Commercial HVAC Journeyman   Hobby Lobby   Oklahoma City, OK (USA) 
07/15/18  Human Resources (HR) Specialist   Hobby Lobby   Oklahoma City, OK (USA) 
07/15/18  #746 California Retail Co-Manager   Hobby Lobby   California, MD (USA) 
07/15/18  #764 Baton Rouge Co-Manager   Hobby Lobby   Baton Rouge, LA (USA) 
07/15/18  Stockroom / Sales Clerk   Hobby Lobby   Allen, TX (USA) 
07/15/18  Mardel - Sales Associate (Overland Park)   Hobby Lobby   Overland Park, KS (USA) 
07/15/18  #773 Harrison Retail Co-Manager   Hobby Lobby   Harrison, AR (USA) 
07/15/18  FL - Co-Manager   Hobby Lobby   Florida (USA) 
07/15/18  #542 Antioch Senior Asst Manager   Hobby Lobby   Antioch, CA (USA) 
07/15/18  Junior Database Developer   Hobby Lobby   Oklahoma City, OK (USA) 
07/14/18  #356 Lancaster Retail Co-Manager   Hobby Lobby   Lancaster, OH (USA) 
07/14/18  Receiving / Stock Associates   Hobby Lobby   Arlington, TX (USA) 
07/14/18  Co-Manager LI-15   Hobby Lobby   Texas (USA) 
07/14/18  Telecommunications Technician   Hobby Lobby   Oklahoma City, OK (USA) 
07/14/18  Mardel - Cashier (Arlington)   Hobby Lobby   Arlington, TX (USA) 
07/14/18  Senior Assistant Manager - LI   Hobby Lobby   , CA (USA) 
07/14/18  #561 Rutland Co-Manager   Hobby Lobby   Rutland, VT (USA) 
07/14/18  #490 Chesterfield Co-Manager   Hobby Lobby   Chesterfield, VA (USA) 
07/14/18  #183 Tinley Park Co-Manager   Hobby Lobby   Tinley Park, IL (USA) 
07/14/18  #809 Gallup Retail Co-Manager   Hobby Lobby   Gallup, NM (USA) 
07/14/18  Shipping Dock   Hobby Lobby   Oklahoma City, OK (USA) 
07/13/18  #776 Commack Retail Co-Manager   Hobby Lobby   Commack, NY (USA) 
07/13/18  Maintenance Technician   Hobby Lobby   Oklahoma City, OK (USA) 
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