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"I responded to a Job you had for a retail rep with (company name) back in Oct, and I was a perfect fit. Now I'm living the dream with a company vehicle and over 100 stores in an area that I was trying to move to anyway, you guys were right on time. Thank You AllRetailJobs. You're a God send. "
"After months of searching in this economy, AllRetailJobs helped to facilitate my new job. Their application process, which saved all my information, allowed me to apply to many jobs which greatly upped my chances by giving many companies access to my application and profile, and inevitably everything worked out great!! "
  Former Job Seeker
"After receiving over 150 resumes from other sites, we hired a VP through your Resume Search! Thanks! "
  Katie McLaughlin Walsh
Organizational Development Director
Organizational Development Consultants
"I had just graduated from college and I was looking for a job. I was not having much luck finding work. One day while I was searching I noticed the AllRetailJobs.com website on Google. The next thing I know I am filling out an application for a job that was just minutes from where I live, after I was finished filling out the application I submitted it and waited a couple of days. I got a phone call from the company asking me for an interview. I went to the interview the following Monday and by the end of the interview I was hired. I have been working there for about 2 and a half months and I absolutely love it and best of all it is paying my bills. I could not ask for more. I want to thank AllRetailJobs for helping me find this job. If it wasn't for them I would probably still be looking for work. "
  Former Job Seeker
"I have been trying to find a job for months, but when I registered at allretailjobs.com it took less time then it would at a temporary service, thanks for helping me find a job. "
  Former Job Seeker
"I was looking on your site for jobs in my area and I found an amazing job right down the street from my house. Iíve been there for about 4 weeks now and I absolutely love it. It is the perfect job for me. I even get fulltime hours. Thanks a lot! "
  Former Job Seeker
  Former Job Seeker
"I saw an ad for a job through AllRetailJobs.com. Well I read through your site and sent in my resume for a job with (company name). In a matter of days I had an interview and landed the job! It was the fastest and best experience I had and I love my job! "
  Former Job Seeker
  Former Job Seeker
"It was a hot day in the summer, and I walked into a retail store by referral from allretailjobs.com. I applied at the store, got hired the same day, and was given my schedule and shirt the next morning. I was offered Assistant Manager because of my impressive work ethic, and customer service abilities. Thanks allretailjobs.com. "
  Former Job Seeker
"I got a job with (National department store) in Seattle, WA through allretailjobs.com. "
  Former Job Seeker
"I was found online by (national department store chain) days after I posted my resume on your website. They hired me at my interview the next day. It's the best job I've ever had. Thanks! "
  Former Job Seeker.
"I have had great success discovering employers that are a prefect match for my extensive retail skills. I am currently interviewing with three reputable companies, and feel great about my success with AllRetailjobs.com. Retail managers have special combinations of skills, and AllRetailjobs.com really applies those skills perfectly to help both job seekers and employers. Keep up the good work! "
  Retail Job Seeker
"I was hired by (company name) after applying through your website. I work at the fast food outlet and I like it very much. "
  Former Job Seeker
"I have only been registered for a month and already I have found another job paying better and offering better benefits than the one I have now. I had never heard of allretailjobs before, but Iím so glad I used your site. "
  Former Job Seeker
"I just wanted to say a quick thank you for providing me the opportunity to find a job on AllRetailJobs.com. After applying for jobs for a month without success, I decided to try AllRetailJobs. I applied at (office supply chain) and got a call from them a couple of days later. I have now been working there for 2 months and really like the position. Thank you again! "
  Former Job Seeker
"I had great success working with you. Allretailjobs.com helped to locate a store close to me; I couldnít have done any better. Iím making a good paycheck and getting along with my co-workers, this job suits me perfectly. thanks bunches. "
  Former Job Seeker
"I have gotten so many interviews, now I can choose the job I want. THANKS, GREAT SITE! "
  Retail Job Seeker
"Hi! Thank you so much! Thanks to your web site I have just landed a new assistant manager position that I found on your site. I have been searching for only a week and have been on other sites with no success but I came to yours and had success in just a couple of days. I am so happy, and I have AllRetailJobs.com to thank. I am telling every one that I know that is looking for either a career change or a new job in retail to come to your site because you are the best. Thank you again, AllRetailJobs.com. "
  Former Job Seeker
"Hard Rock Cafe filled a manager position from AllRetailJobs.com. We find the board to be user friendly and the ease of job posting saves valuable time. "
  Tami Mann
Hard Rock Cafe
"We have had some great hires recently from using AllRetailJobs.com. The thing we all appreciate is that the candidates, for the most part, are truly seeking a retail career. "
  Brent Wells
Bachrach Clothing, Inc.
"As a trial with AllRetailJobs.com, I had posted a Branch Manager opportunity. Not only did I receive a huge # of responses for this one job, but over half of the responses were well qualified for the position. In addition, I had searched the resume database and found at least as many qualified resumes. In today's market, the trick is finding the qualified resumes within all the resumes - I had no problem doing that with this site - I had more qualified resumes than unqualified. Thanks for your service! You have me hooked! "
  Colleen Vela
Staffing Researcher
"Victoria's Secret has filled many positions from AllRetailJobs.com. We have had much better luck posting on this niche site than on any other site we use. The response and feedback has been tremendous. We are extremely happy with the services that are provided. "
  Noreen McKain
Human Resources Staffing Manager
Victoria's Secret
"We receive qualified candidates and have made hires as a result of posting on this specialized website. We consider it a valuable resource when looking for sales professionals and management trainees. "
  Monique Spearing
Business Analyst
Retail-The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
"We have been successfully using Allretailjobs.com now for about 5 months to locate Store and District Managers in home improvement. We have quickly been able to find qualified candidates for our open positions who meet our specifications. We also find the profile information to be very useful, and the search engine is user friendly and easy to use. "
  Pam Alden
Managing Director
MRI-SC Falmouth
"AllRetailJobs.com has been a great resource for us. We have filled several positions! "
  Margarita D'Aquila
Recruiting Dept.
National Marketing Services
"Since signing up with AllRetailJobs.com, I have placed numerous candidates that I have found through your site. In addition to the placements, I have been able to increase business, as I now have a site that is dedicated to only Retail personnel. "
  Deb Browning
Career Development Associates
"AllRetailJobs.com is definitely an asset to HSN. We hired a strategic planner from AllRetailJobs.com. He was an exact match to our job specifications! HSN is actively using AllRetailJobs for quality, qualified candidates. "
  Walt Blischasz
Home Shopping Network
"AllRetailJobs has been great for us at Linens 'N Things!! We have filled a number of jobs from this site. Our recruiters consider AllRetailJobs.com to be the best of all the sites we use. Your 'customer service' is outstanding! "
  Carol Emery
Linens 'N Things, Western Zone
"We've hired a candidate from AllRetailJobs.com for our Minnesota store. She has turned out to be great! "
  Geoffrey Green
Lane Bryant
"We filled a couple of positions from AllRetailJobs.com. The site is great! "
  Tammy Christiansen
CPI Corp.
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