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Candidate Tracker
Candidate Tracker is a unique recruiting tool to assist you organize and easily track candidates who have applied online for your posted jobs.
Candidate Tracker is FREE! Log on any time, using your Username and Password, then click on "Candidate Tracker" (in the Jobs column).
Candidate Tracker stores the resumes of all candidates who have applied for any of your jobs posted within the last 90 days.
You may sort these candidates by Job Title, by Date of Application or by Candidate Name, with a simple point-and-click action.
You can list all the candidates who have applied for each job and click into their resumes. Should a candidate contact you, or a client call to discuss a particular candidate, you can access the detailed resume within seconds.
If you have already posted jobs on AllRetailJobs.com in the last 90 days and received online applications, you can view them all using Candidate Tracker!

To Use Candidate Tracker,
Go to to Log on

How to Use Candidate Tracker
Candidate tracker allows you to sort applications in various ways.
Period Sort by

(Note: The "View" button
does not work on this page.)
This box tells you how the candidate list
below is currently sorted.
Click Candidate Name to view resume.
Job Title to review your posted job.
Date Applied Candidate Job Applied For
MM/DD/YYYY Candidate Name Title Of Job Applied For
(posted MM/DD/YYYY)

Click on the Period within which candidates applied for your jobs.
Example: "Last 7 days" shows list of all candidates who applied for jobs during the last week.
Click on your desired Sort By method.
Job Sort candidates by Job, from the most recently posted job back.
Apply Date Sort candidates in date sequence, with the most recent applications first.
Candidate Sort candidates alphabetically.
Click the "View" button to sort the database.
Click Candidate Name to view resume (use your Back button to return to the list).
Click Job Title to review your posted job (use your Back button to return to the list).
Use your back button to return